Traitors Gate

by Mike Jones

Queen's House


You have entered though a hidden door into the Queen's House (another way to get to this room is via the grill in the sewer, using you crossbow and grappling hook).   In front of you is a table with a book showing coats of arms.   You can't take the book, but you can turn the pages to reveal a strange bookmark, take this.

Go across the room to a door with a bureau next to it and go through.




Turn right and head up the stairs (going down you would trip a light beam and get caught).

At the top of the stairs go through the door on your left.   Straight in front of you on the far side of the room is a table with a lamp on it.  Open the right-hand drawer and  take the sheet of paper with Chinese numbers on it.

Leave the room and turn left to a set of double doors with a keypad beside them.  Use your card reader to get the code (reveal) and enter the room.


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